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Shadowrun Legends: Fade to Black: Shadowrun Legends, #8

394 pages6 hours



In 2055, Newark is an overcrowded urban nightmare populated by hordes of SINless indigents living in abject poverty. Violence is rampant. Brutal gangs and vicious criminals control many sections of the city like feudal lords.

Amid this harrowing landscape, Rico gathers his team: Shank, Thorvin, Piper, and the eccentric shaman known as Bandit. The job is to free a man from a corporate contract that is the moral equivalent of slavery, but that's only the beginning. The runners' diverse skills and talents are soon put to the test. Rico's challenge is to keep the team alive as they sort through a maze of corporate intrigue and misdirection, but without discarding their honor, for without honor a man is nothing. Honor alone distinguishes a man from the ravaging dogs that roam the streets, and as the runners soon learn, the price of honor is high.

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