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Claimed by the Billionaire 2 & 3 Boxed Set

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Book 2 Description

When Serena ends up on a business trip in Las Vegas with Mr. Gable, she’s excited but nervous to be the guy who has been such a fixture of her fantasies.  She can’t believe it when there is a room mix up and they have to share a room.

But when things take a serious turn, Serena can’t help but wonder if she has gotten in over her head.  Is she making a mistake on following her heart over her brain? 

Book 3 Description

After Bradley’s soon to be divorced wife stumbles in on Serena and he in a compromising position, Serena finds her life thrown upside down.  Suddenly, she is on tabloid magazines with the press outside her apartment, wanting to know more.

Unsure where to turn, Serena falls farther into Bradley’s arms as they try to withstand the storm that Winter caused.  But Serena is in for a bigger surprise, one with much longer lasting consequences…

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