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Viable Eggs (Viability Series Book 1)

205 pages3 hours


In the year 2061, the human race is racing toward extinction. The few babies that were conceived are nothing more than mutant monstrosities known as T-rex babies. Governments around the world have come together to not only share their medical research, but to enforce strict breeding policies that range from fourteen year olds having sex to mandated insemination.

Helicopter pilot, Lilia Grayson has delighted in casual sex like billions of others, only to discover she's carrying the first set of identical twins in more than twenty-five years. Forget being in the 0.1 percent who can reproduce. She's in a category of her own. Now that she has entered the exclusive ranks of the Mother 2 Be program, she's living the glamorous life of million-dollar endorsements, touring the country, and billions of adoring fans who know more about her body measurements than she cares to.

The Mortality Agency promises to keep her and her family safe, but their primary concern is good breeding stock. Lilia's sisters are subjected to brutal reproductive treatments that ultimately lead to devastating consequences felt by her entire family. Even though she knows she'll remain a prisoner of the program until her babies are taken away to start their indoctrination, she has to act now to save her loved ones.

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