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Viable Fetuses (Viability Series Book 2)

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Lilia Grayson, the first woman to give birth to twins in more than twenty-five years, has entered her second trimester with a blast when members of a radical group called the Right Hand's Wrath invade her parent's home on Christmas Day. Everyone survives, but the Mortality Agency's plan to put Lilia in hiding backfires when she's kidnapped by a billionaire Jason Pollard.

Pollard's wants to find the perfect breeder for his son, Liam, who's a reluctant member of Generation X-tinction. But the family has their own set of secrets, including their membership to another radical group called the International Artemis League. Their goal is to create a utopia where children of Generation X-tinction aren't subjected to the indoctrination and perversion of their respective international governments. Convincing Lilia of their intentions will be the tough, since it's something their money can't buy.

The Artemis League's private island of Nysa is where children laugh and play, go to a normal school, and are nurtured by their parents without government interference. Three things that Lilia longs for more than anything. Now that the truth has been revealed about her missing third baby and the cover up by the feds, Lilia alone holds the key to destroying the Mortality Agency. When agents land on the island paradise and assume control, she will do everything in her power to protect the children, even if that means being imprisoned for the rest of her life.

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