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My Colorland Visit

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COME! Join Laddy and the Colors in Colorland.

Red meets Yellow. They have great fun together. Blue is stuck-up. You’ll like Him better after He and Green become friends.

Cold weather arrives. The Colors huddle together to keep warm. A startling thing happens mixed together like that. You’ll see.

Brown? Brown is so kind and helpful that all the Colors like Him.

Black tries to be scary. But, He won’t scare you! He helps the Colors when they need help.

The Colors dazzle Laddy with their secret creation. I liked it a lot!

Lad is lonely when the Colors leave. He invents a way to keep each Color as his very own! He’ll show You how to do that too.

Do you have a favorite Color? Mine is Green, well, Yellow and Green together. What is Yours?

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