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Dementia: The Whole of Reality

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Michael Cage, author of "ILLUMINATI BIBLE" and the "ILLUMINATI SECRETS (Unmasked Series)" have done it again with undeniably his best work yet.
His book, "DEMENTIA: The Whole of Reality" is a terrifically written manuscript that brings the top researched disciplines under one hypothesized umbrella to give the reader answers to the most asked and hardest questions concerning God, life and universe.
This book, "DEMENTIA: The Whole of Reality" brings to light every aspect of the mysteries of existence in reference to a Creator, how reality functions, and life' purpose. It does this by unifying the studies of,

SCIENCE: Quantum Mechanics, Particle Physics, Cosmology
THEOLOGY: Judaism, Christianity, Islam
COMPUTER SCIENCE: Number Theory, Mathematics, Holographic Principle, Computer Simulation
RELIGION: Ancient Egyptian Mysteries, Ancient Babylonian Mysteries, Authentic Kabbalah

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