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The Flowers of Autumn: Seven Romantic Short Stories

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Jousting In The New Mexican Desert - A woman’s father sends her off via a matchmaker to a man with a castle in New Mexico.

Dropping the Rare Book Into a Bucket of Water - A woman working in a rare bookstore accidentally drops a precious book into a bucket of water, just as the potential buyer shows up.

Saying Neigh - A girl and her family run a horse therapy stable but when the girl’s beloved horse takes a turn for the worse, their only hope is a miracle.

Getting Rid Of The Outlaw Husband, can be a tough job if you’re the sheriff of a small town where no one wants to join your posse to eliminate an outlaw, still married to the woman you love.

Named After Halloween - A woman from the deep jungles of South America marries a man from North America.

Bullied At School: My Horse Is My Only Friend, is a story about a teen who is always picked on at school.

The Lounge Singer is about a woman who sees, then falls in love, with a lounge singer at a club she frequents.

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