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A Constant Noise

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Nestled between Italy, Austria, and Slovenia lie two tiny republics usually forgotten by the modern world. In the happy, peaceful country of Serenno, where the weather is always pleasing and people mind their own business, a sex scandal threatens to rock the political balance of power. Meanwhile, provincial tax commissioner Ugo Onesti suffers a personal scandal of his own. The President of Serenno seizes upon this incident to distract the public and turns Onesti into a hero. When Onesti decides to run for office himself, and as a Green Party candidate, every step the President takes to defuse this new disaster leads to further crises in a seemingly inevitable drift towards fascism and war. With a cast of characters drawn from the entire political spectrum, as well as those who view politics as only an unavoidable annoyance, A Constant Noise is a fast-paced political farce exposing the hilarity behind our sacred cows.

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