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Triple Jimmy and a Glowing World

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This new collection is a joint collaboration between Jimmy Boom Semtex, Saurabh Pant and other writers. It features exciting new work on many topics and styles. There are Haiku, free verse, rhyming poems and more. Topic wise ranges from Jimmy's explosive and interesting work on people, current affairs and his views to Saurabh's passionate work on Kashmir and on natural disasters in his native India.

Lots of different work make this a unique and readable collection. Watch out for follow up projects on equally diverse subjects.

Example poems are: UN Peacekeeper by Jimmy Boom Semtex
Military Science.
The art of precisely killing.
Thus conserving ammo.
Drop the bridge with an
individual smart bomb.
Kill the enemy with
one head shot.


Unknown Homeland by Saurabh Pant
We who born here are not welcome
We who are its designated citizens don't exist, in this world so awesome
We who once wished to change this world are avoided here
The unknown homeland seems far out of question.

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