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Veritas: A Pair of Historical Romances

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Found In The River - A young woman from Rhode Island takes the trek west to become the mail order bride of a rancher, but things rapidly deteriorate and her dream of becoming a mail order bride are left in the dust of the small Texas town.

Synopsis: Setting Black Souls Free Along The Oregon Trail: The Christian Wagon Train, is a wonderful Christian novella of over 8,100 words, and with scriptures, about one woman’s fight to free the slaves which a single family owns, as they head west along the Oregon Trail. It’s a family consisting of one father and his six sons. The youngest son is already a believer but the woman has a hard time in convincing the others that all people deserve to be free and have the chance to learn about Jesus. Gradually, she is able to convince the group of men, except for one, to realize that God’s word is the truth. And from the long wagon train journey she finds a friend in a young slave woman and love with one of the brothers.

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