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The Book of Marvelous Cats

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As a 21st century answer to T.S. Eliot's practical cats, Janet Kozachek has created a book of useful and amusing cats. Richly illustrated with detailed pencil drawings and witty rhymes, The Book of Marvelous Cats features cats that entertain, do the chores of the household and garden, create solar panels, provide physical therapy and even a ten foot tall cat that drags unwanted guests out of a residence. For cat and art lovers of all ages.

"We find Janet Kozachek’s ekphrastic cat creations ensconced in elaborate backgrounds from the homey to the exotic. Feline tongues and extended claws fashion feasts, grace ancient caves, or warm roofs with solar heat. Kitty couplets accompany lithe images of the many lives these creatures live and dream."

Sarah Wyman, Associate Professor of English SUNY New Paltz

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