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Blitz Families: The Children who Stayed Behind

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The mass evacuation of children and new and expectant mothers during World War II is well documented. But more than 50 per cent of children were not evacuated during the war, and it is these young people who offer an unrivaled view of what life was like during the bombing raids in Britain’s cities. Penny Starns takes a new look at the children whose parents refused to bow to official pressure and kept their beloved children with them throughout the War. As she documents family after family which made this difficult decision, she uncovers tales of the deprivation, criminality, and disease of life in the city and, conversely, the surprising relative emotional and physical wellbeing of those who lived through the Blitz compared to their evacuee counterparts. Because of their unique position at the heart of the action, these forgotten children offer a priceless insight into the true grit and reality of the Blitz.

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