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Debunking History: 152 Popular Myths Exploded

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How true is the history we learned in school? Did the English intend the Irish to starve as a result of the Great Famine? Did a haughty Marie Antoinette indeed urge the masses to eat cake? History is full of myths, legends, fables, folklore, misinformation, and misconceptions. Whether they have come about inadvertently or deliberately, many have become part of the public imagination. This book presents some of the most popular and enduring of these myths from the time of the American and French revolutions to the two world wars and beyond. Arranged within well-defined geographical or thematic sections, and through a mix of short and long entries, each topic is clearly explained and the myth, error, or controversy is exposed, ranging from ancient grievances such as the Boston Tea Party to unresolved problems such as the intractability of the conflict in the Middle East. This is an authoritative, compelling, and illuminating miscellany, where you can find a straight answer to all those nagging questions about the past.

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