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Until You

161 pages2 hours


33k word novella

Jason, a single dad, spent his days running his coffee shop and doing his best to dislike a beautiful blonde he couldn’t seem to avoid.
But at night, once his son was asleep, he became Belakor, an online gamer. His only concern was keeping up with his strongest competition, his friend Nysterie.
Alexis spent her days attending college, modeling to pay for it and avoiding the grumpy coffee shop owner. It would've helped if she hadn’t found him so attractive.
At night, once she finished her homework, she became Nysterie in an online game. A place where it mattered less what you looked like and more how fast you could blow things up.
What happened when the lines between real life and the fantasy world weren’t as clear as they thought?
Until Series:
Until Now (Bridget and Billy)
Until Here novella (Melanie and Preston)
Until Us (Katie and Tyler)
Until You novella (Alexis and Jason)

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