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American Dream

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American Dream presents a collection of writings that focus on a wide range of topics, from love, hope, and family to issues such as homelessness, patriotism, and the process of immigrating to a new land. These verses seek to both entertain and comfort you with tales of passion, action, and thoughtful consideration, as well as vignettes drawn from everyday life. I will stamp my feet and brace for impact, and I will run for the hills. When the volcanoes from the belly of the mountains roar with hunger, I will fall back to earth, and on my way down, be majestically represented by the eagle. Let me conquer fear and rise with the wolf, for he alone has seen the world in different shades. I pray for morning to come so I can see the glorious rise of the sun, thus enjoying the fruitful harvest of the day. Let me grow in the belly of America and be another American Dream. —from “A Strange Land Called America”

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