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Off The Grid: A War With No End Book 1

253 pages3 hours


The Pisces Empire, the universe's biggest and strongest superpower, is under attack. For years, they reigned supreme over all other nations by utilizing the power of Leaping. The ability to Leap allowed a single representative of the Pisces Empire to instantly travel between not only worlds, but time periods as well. With the technology the Empire gained from this ability, they were thought to be invincible. But when this strange attacking force doesn't let up, the Empire starts to worry. Drake Jinx, a snarky and lazy scientist in the employ of the Pisces Empire finds himself forcibly dragged into a war he didn't want to be in after being granted the power to Leap and sent off into the unknown to gather an army in order to combat this strange foe. Accompanied by Lilly Swift, the Pisces Empire's chosen field agent and constant tormentor, Drake Jinx comes to find that he too might have stakes this war, and those that were once his friends might just be working against him.

Off The Grid is a 57,000 word novel meant to be a fun read for any age. This book is a mix of Science Fiction and Fantasy.

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