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Dandelions Never Die Book 3 - A Place Called Home: Dandelions Never Die, #3

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Stunned and betrayed by those closest to her, potty mouth Lisa Lewis, begins a mad dash across the country searching for a home she's never known. Near the end of her long journey, on a lonely country road, she brazenly walks right into the middle of Chaz Stewart's cattle crossing and changes both of their lives forever.

Chaz Stewart, Iraq veteran and ex-paramedic for the Pine County Fire Department, lives in a world of PTSD hurt. He forces himself to work through the demands of each day, helping his father run the family ranch. Everything changes though, when he comes across a fiery red-head in need of being rescued.

In the small town of Pine Forest, Lisa experiences the wonders of home and family for the first time in her life. But somebody in the small town isn't so happy about her arrival. What begins as dangerous pranks turns quickly into life and death struggles and Lisa learns that real families stick together through thick and thin.

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