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The Khamsin Curse

320 pages5 hours


Book 11 in a series of chronological stand-alone plots.

April 1900, Egypt. Dr Watson and the Countess are recruited by Mycroft Holmes to investigate acts of espionage undermining the British effort in the Boer War. A renowned Egyptologist finds himself under Foreign Office scrutiny, all whilst trying to save the temple-island of Philae from the Aswan Dam's rising waters.

Sultry nights along the Nile, cruising paddle-steamers, and awe-inspiring hypaethral temples - what could be more romantic?

With Major Nash working undercover, our Colonel Moriarty en route to the Transvaal, and Sebastian Moran as gun-for-hire - with sabotage, fraud, murder, and the Khamsin itself... Forget romance!

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