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Going Home Alone

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This is a long short story describing one man's struggle to move on after the premature death of his wife, and her unique efforts to help him do so. Reviewers have said:
"A very poignant, but also uplifting story of Reena, who suddenly finds out she has inoperable cancer and has only weeks to live. Derrick is struggling to come to terms with the death of his beloved wife. Following the funeral, Tim, an old friend of Reena's contacts Derrick to say that he has Reena's will. Derrick is mystified,he had no idea she written a will. The following day he goes to collect the will and Tim also hands him a package wrapped in plain brown paper. Derrick has no idea what is inside. He doesn't want to open it in front of Tim, so takes it home. He unwraps the package to find a pair of sunglasses, a camera,a journal and a yellow three-ring binder. It is Reena's special way to help her husband come to terms with his loss, but what do all these items mean? You need to read this story to find out!"

"This book deserves a five star rating because it says it all. It starts off with the sadness of loosing a spouse then backtracked through the good memories of the couple's life and ends in acceptance. This book is great for anyone who has lost his/her spouse because it brings back the good memories and they don't hurt so much."

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