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Guide to Recognizing Haters

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I dedicated myself to writing this guide because I would very much like to spare as many people as I can from what I faced in my life as I dared to follow my dreams. I was bombarded by so many haters as God blessed me with everything I boldly asked for as a child. I dreamed of leaving my family and starting my life somewhere new. I dreamed of love, a husband, and children—a family of my own. I dreamed the American dream of a house, car and career. I dreamed of bigger and better things—a better life than the one that my parents were able to provide. Haters should never ever be allowed to hinder you and/or stop you from living your dreams. In this guide I will expose everything I can about the ways of a hater, from the petty to the substantial.
Although the original hater was Satan, the very first poster child of a hater was Cain, as he hated his brother so much he killed him. The fact that Abel had never wronged Cain was of no consequence. Abel happily worshipped the Lord, kept the flocks, and sacrificed his best to our heavenly father. Abel was blessed with abundance. Cain on the other hand did just enough to get by and offered what he saw fit to the Lord and therefore was not given the same blessings as his brother. Instead of Cain making a better effort he chose to cut down the brother who dared to out shine him.
Haters are murders, if not of the flesh, of current and future happiness. History is filled with haters from the bible to mythology to world history to modern day. Samson was undone by his lover Delilah and the hate of the Philistines. Jesus’ fate was sealed with a kiss from Judas. King Arthur was betrayed by his loving wife, Guinevere, and trusted Knight, Sir Lancelot, and that betrayal split the country and cost the king his life. Othello dared to embrace interracial love yet his friend sabotaged that love. Be careful as the assassins of your happiness may in fact be the closest people to you.
When I was a child and for most of my life I could not understand how a parent, sibling, lover, and/or friend could harbor such loathing in their hearts towards someone who they claimed to love. Why not improve upon your own life instead of begrudging your loved ones’ joy? As I grew older I began to wonder how parents, teachers, and other authority figures could sabotage children and young adults. Once I was fully grown I could not fathom why on God’s green earth someone who I had helped would turn their back on me in my hour of need. There have been many times in my life when I firmly believed that if I did not have God on my side, I would have had no one at all.
And then, with the grace of God my children chose me. Unfortunately for them, the hate that was lavished on their mother is now resting at their doorsteps. The difference in their lives and mine is that they are well aware of the hate as well as the haters. I armed my children to the teeth with the tools that they needed to unmask haters and remove them from their personal lives. There are people who they loved as children that they no longer visit or even talk to past family events. My daughters are polite and charming, never personal.
Haters have been described in many different ways from the beginning of time to current times: the devil, Machiavellian, backstabbers, fake people, users, takers, snakes, two-faced, double-dealer, family, lover, friend, etc. Haters damage and destroy. It is time to reveal the haters in your life. Are you ready?

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