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Her Hacker Dragon: Her Biker Dragon, #4

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A talented hacker. A remarkable scientist. When their community is plagued with sudden deaths, can these two find the cause? 

Brilliant, transgender shifter Alec Harper is trying to atone for his dark past by dedicating his life to healing humans. When it appears his life-saving drug may actually be a life-taking drug, Alec must race to discover the truth before more innocents die. 

Vampire scientist Penelope O'Hara has been fascinated by all things supernatural for three hundred years. When Alec saves her from a sudden attack by dragon shifter goons, Penelope is pulled into a dangerous world of hackers, killers, and conspiracies. Logic tells her that the perils of being with someone from the Iron Claws is a bad idea, but her heart commands her to stay.

Her Hacker Dragon is an adult paranormal romance novella. If you like daring rescues, sexy science, and a nerdy romance that defies expectations, then you’ll love the fourth installment of the sizzling Her Biker Dragon series. 

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The HER BIKER DRAGON books may each be read as standalones. However, you may find they are best enjoyed in the following order: 

1 Her Valiant Dragon 
2 Her Delicious Dragon 
3 Her Rock Star Dragon 
4 Her Hacker Dragon 
5 Her Alpha Dragon

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