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The former colleagues of Dr. Charlotte Van Gelis at The New Mexico Science Foundation create a black hole. With this gateway, specters, hideous creatures that appear half-zombie, half-spirit, pour into our cosmos bent on invading the bodies of as many humans as possible. The effect is instant insanity. Charlotte, along with twenty year old Tommy, escape the neighborhood. On the way out of town they pick up Donna and her little sister, Janie, as they run from the violent, specter-filled people.

In the hills outside of town they meet Lee, a retired Navy Seal, and his brother, Kevin, a man with Down’s Syndrome who has prophetic talks with an invisible friend called, ‘Angel Tim.’

Despite the madness going on, Charlotte feels comfortable around Lee, a rarity because her failed marriage has kept her from feeling at ease with anyone.

In the meantime, the specters are evolving and reality itself comes apart at the seams. But it ends in a way none of them ever imagined.

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