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Surviving Insulin

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Rachel Zinman was diagnosed with diabetes in 2008 at the age of 42.

She started yoga when she was 17 and by the age of 19, was hooked. 30 years later she still practices passionately and has been teaching nationally (in Australia) and internationally since 1992. 

In Surviving Insulin she shares short essays about her feelings and thoughts about yoga and diabetes during her first year on Insulin. She never realized how much Insulin would change her life and how much yoga has continued to be a lifeline as she navigates the rollercoaster of this disease.

The day she started Insulin was the day her life changed for the better. She found herself reaching out, finding out more about what it means to have type 1 and recognizing that there were people just like her not only surviving but thriving. She was so inspired by the blogs and various communities online that  she decided to start her own blog on how yoga helped her manage diabetes on a daily basis. She expected that she would be sharing practices, tips and tricks but as she wrote she expressed her frustrations and triumphs while delving deeper into the philosophical side of yoga.

Her aim in sharing these essays is to offer inspirational bytes to take the edge off it all. She's found comfort in reading other people’s stories and truly hopes that what she has to share brings inspiration, support and more peace to your life.

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