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The Intermediaries: Redemption: The Intermediaries, #2

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"We are..."

He paused, thinking.

"We are...Intermediaries."

In Montana, a boy in distress is pushed to the edge. A firefighter holds the lives of both himself and another by a thread in New York. In Georgia, a young man is accused of a terrible crime. A crime boss in Texas attempts to balance a dark underworld with concern for an innocent family, with harrowing results. And an entire nation hold its breath in the midst of unfolding catastrophes in the state of Washington...and another hundreds of miles in the sky.

In Norbury, Massachusetts, Charlize "Charlie" Brown is beginning her first year of high school, but the usual freshmen worries are not her sole concern. Now, she holds the secret that has been hidden and disguised since the beginning of time, a secret almost too spectacular to believe...

...the secret of the Intermediaries.

Welcome to The Intermediaries: a world of over 7 billion people, no one faces their troubles alone.

Book 2 of the Intermediaries series

417 pages

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