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Still reeling from the devastating trauma of the events in Alex Jones’ first novel, Walls, psychologist Dan Whitney comes to the aid of his long time friend, Anika Kristiansen, who is experiencing a parent’s worst nightmare come true – the abduction of her five-year-old son Jonah. Even more shocking is the fact that Jonah has been abducted by Anika’s husband, Pastor Soren Kristiansen, the enigmatic leader of the world’s most popular online church.

At the same time, Dan and Francesca Capellini struggle to define their new love in the aftermath of the erotic and tragic event of Walls. Just when they think they may have a future together, Dan finds his old feelings for Anika resurfacing, while Fran finds herself facing murder charges in the death of her husband, Philippe. What should be an open and shut case of Battered Spouse Syndrome, becomes a legal nightmare for Francesca. Even worse, Jonah’s abduction and Fran’s case both become the tip of a much larger global conspiracy involving Pastor Soren and a cast of mystery characters – each of them living double lives and hiding their true faces and identities.

Faces is the story of the main character’s inner struggles to define their identities. It is a complex web of Dan and Anika’s desperate race against time to find Jonah, while Dan, Anika, and Fran try to resolve their love triangle. With the same kind of dysfunctional relationships and suspense as Girl on a Train and Gone Girl, all set within the context of an emerging global conspiracy, Faces is both a romance and a suspense-filled roller coaster thrill ride.

Together with Walls, the first book of Alex Jones’ Identity Trilogy, Faces is a sequel that will leave readers clamoring for the final book in this thrilling series.

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