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How to Receive Your Miracle from God

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I wrote the book by the inspiration of God and by the moving of the Holy Spirit to teach you what He taught me some years ago and that today, I have seen, heard and to the glory of God, handled.
Miracles still belongs to us today and God is still in the business of working miracles to has many that will ask and reach out to Him for it.
I have heard of a renowned table tennis star that is a celebrity and doesn’t believe in God and was on a vacation on a yacht and all of a sudden, he was in the middle of a mighty storm and as if the enemy would swallow him.
He was at his wits end about to smash on a rock when he cried out, ‘Oh, God, if you exist please, save me.’
The gross darkness that overshadowed him was dispensed by the light that beamed from nowhere and he was gloriously saved and he believed in God, accepted Christ into his life and became a Christian and served God ever since; happy and contented with life with God in it.
Testimonies abound in the scriptures of God’s miracle working power that earned God, a great name.
To prove this, He took Abraham at 75 years with no child and told him to leave his Father’s house to a place that He will show him (Gen 12:1-3)
Abraham obeyed and 25 years later, God gave Abraham a son at an old age of 100 years (Gen 21:1-3) and made him a great Nation called Israel today.
He set free His people from bondage after 430 years in Egypt that gave God a great name by parting the Red sea.
Scientists have gone down to the bottom of the Red sea and found foot prints of people.
The stopping of the Sun and Moon on the Valley of Aijalon by Joshua in Joshua 10:12-13 was proved by scientist that in the rotation of the earth, a day and a night was missing. Amazing!
It means science is confirming God’s truth making it scientific truth.
Hebrews 11 is a hall of Miracles of God provoked by the hands of men like you and me who held onto God’s power to change circumstances for them or for their loved ones and they were gloriously saved.
My intuition took over me when I started asking God questions about miracles and if daily miracles were possible and He told me an emphatical YES!
Jesus while on earth performed miracles daily for people and everywhere He went. Check the following scriptures:
(Matthew 8:2, 5, 14, 16, 23, 28; 9:20,27,32) ; (Luke 4:30; 5:1; 7:1; 13:11; 14:1) ; (John 4:46; 5:1; 9:1; 11:43; 21:1.)
The above scriptures prove to you that God still works miracles. I will be sharing mine in Chapter 6.
So, the question then arises, ‘How do I receive my Miracle?’
This book will show you the how.

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