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Earth No. 105

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This is Earth No. 105. Create, destroy, repeat.  But 105 is different.  It is like no other Earth.Tova Jurek lives in the upper class suburb of Krenaw City. Across the river is Cetabri City where Jabpun fever has just been unleashed.  The latest terrorist attack to hit Aaricem.  Alina Lon, Tova’s best friend and Executive Director of the Aaricem Terrorist Agency, assigned Jash Majeed to be Tova’s bodyguard.  Jash’s job was to keep Tova safe.  Falling in love was not in the job description. Ryker Chale a seventeen year old senior at Cetabri City High School meets Luna Koen, a beautiful girl with blue eyes the size of moons.  The intensity of their attraction is unearthly.  Both wear identical rings. The Wearers of the Rings navigate the terrorist attacks on Cetabri City while changes to their bodies and minds manifest quickly like the chaos that surrounds them.  As they search for answers, their love for each other grows, as does the hell that consumes them.

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