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(No) Dogmatics

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In the synoptic gospels, which are also called history books, Jesus’ origin, path of life and goal is described. But not with the intention to draw an objective picture, which satisfies the demands of modern, scientific history books. This way of thinking was totally strange to the people of the ancient world.What a pity, you might think. But the writer of the gospels speak wholeheartedly what Jesus mean to them. And much more: They describe what Jesus means for the world. That is more important as the historic question regarding space and time. This is about eternity and sense. Where do we come from, what does give our lives meaning, where will we go after our dying? What is the human and who is God? How the life of Jesus took place, his speeches and work, I have compiled exemplarily from the synoptic gospels. I formulated a creed for the presence, which tries to express the faith in a contemporary language and added an explanation. What does that mean? I ask and interpret the christian faith for the presence. In addition I added for a better understanding verses which describe God as creator and how God as Holy Spirit faced humans - then and today.

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