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You're All Idiots, Pineville

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You're All Idiots, Pineville continues the saga of the oddest town on earth that was begun in Come After Me to Pineville. To the shock and delight of the entire town, Mayor Letz Holdemtite, who has ruled for over 100 years, dies in a shootout of rat poisoning. At his funeral, the participants mock his penis and brace for what comes next. His death precipitates a race by three of the hottest babes in town for the mayor's position. His widow, Ivana Kutzsomoff, along with the police chief, Winnie Bombednwilling, and his imprisoned daughter, Constance Lee Holdemtite, also jockey for position, with all the charms that their feminine wiles and their 38Ds can offer, with the reporter from The Pineville Press, whose insane endorsements are essential to their election. In the middle of all this are the town's hapless illegal aliens, real aliens from a galaxy far, far away, who are delicious. Each candidate tries to out-do the other in slandering the starmen for political gain, and each seduces the reporter for his support. Only one candidate can win, but each can make a heck of a case for herself, and does in the office of The Pineville Press and elsewhere. The tale is told with fake news stories from that fictional newspaper, as the reporter bumbles his way along with the candidates, the illegal aliens and the many twisted personalities of Pineville. Remember, Pineville is not a place but an unstable state of mind, which you enter if you're foolish enough to visit the oddest little town on earth.

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