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Holy Homicide

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Evil Stalks the Sanctuary

Sex, voodoo and vicious assault: three stories of murder linked to the church by Edgar Award Finalist Diane Fanning.

Buried Scandal: In the basement of a Michigan church, a sexton uncovers the rotting skeleton of a nun who had been missing for eleven years. The secret she took to her grave shocked the whole community.

The Wages of Sin: In a small southern town, a Baptist minister practices voodoo and terrorizes his community. Even worse, five of his family members die mysteriously in eight short years.

Beauty and the Beast: In South Texas, a devout young woman goes missing after confession on Easter weekend. Days later her battered body was found floating in a canal.

Sin and evil should be non-existent in the church but these appalling crimes stole the innocence and rocked the faith of parishioners in three communities of believers.

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