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This handbook will teach you how to calculate your real dating chances with any partner of the opposite sex. You will probably be surprised to learn that almost every intimate relationship outcome could be predicted by mathematical formulas based on a genders unique preferences and behavioral patterns. As the accuracy reaches 99 percent, this book could be your ultimate guide and precise dating assistant.

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Date Runner - Y- Photography

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Chapter 1: Introduction

Hi there! My name is Y-Photography and I am an artist, a blogger and apparently, a book author. I am going to be your guide through a bunch of useful calculations and methods which will help you improve your personal life and achieve your dating goals. The truth is, most of your obstacles are quite predictable and surmountable. The reason you are not happy with your romantic outcome is usually because either you are not accomplishing as much as you think you could obtain, or you have already made mistakes which are hard to fix. You will be surprised how easily you could increase your success rate by simply setting realistic targets within reasonable achievement timeframes. It is common for people to learn most of life’s lessons from their own mistakes, but being smart means benefitting from others’ experience and best practices. I put the effort into making this book as pragmatic as it could possibly be in order for you to be able to successfully establish and implement all of the aforementioned in your romantic initiatives. Following a simple methodology will enable an accurate calculation of dating endeavors and the possibility to analyze the odds of a particular outcome with any person you are interested in. And last but not least, you will understand how important it is to know your personal limits and keeping a cool head in the dating process.

It all started as a thought experiment while I was wondering what makes people dating someone. The Date Runner (DR) is based on breaking down several parameters important for both genders accompanied by the answers of the following vital questions – how to engage the best possible realistic match, schedule improvements and extend your reach. Most of the existing publications related to dating and pickup artist books are providing the readers with inefficient set of techniques and my main goal here is to provide a unified methodology applicable to the vast majority of people. Anything else would be like someone giving you the access to complicated tools for which you have no understanding how to operate with. The Date Runner methodology is based on numerous independent research performed nationwide and across some of the world’s largest cities  among heterosexual women and men between the ages of 18 and 65.

Spirit of the numbers

In order to have a working methodology, I had to find a measurement method, using an objective tool and the most unbiased assistant I could think of was mathematics and numbers. Since we are going to analyze desires related to personal relationships, we need to find metric equivalent to words, describing the male’s and the female’s parameters important for the opposite sex.