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Once Upon a Wager

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For Lord Finley, the London season is supposed to be about pleasure, but every season without fail, his pleasure is disturbed by the harpy, Miss Theodora Sheffield. For nine years the woman with moss-green eyes has turned every season into a battle of wits. This year, Finley is determined to avoid the woman, except he can’t seem to evict her from his thoughts, which makes him loathe her even more. He’s not tempted by perfect breasts or magical reddish-brown hair. He has no desire to wed a pleasant chit let alone one that makes his blood boil. Finley has no fear of the future until the rat-faced Lord Mulgrave wagers Finley one thousand pounds that before the end of the season Finley will wed Theodora. Accepting the wager in contempt, Finley underestimates Mulgrave’s desperation to win the wager. Lord Cupid doesn’t need a quiver of arrows; he has schemes aplenty.

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