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A Treatise of Divine Meditation

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John Ball (1585-1640) was a godly puritan preacher and scholar who was well known for this work on godly meditation.

Ball divides this work into three areas: 1) what meditation is and its importance, 2) what occasional meditation is, and 3) what solemn meditation is. Serious theological thinking is fundamental to all right Christian doing. Ball will show that godly meditation is a commanded, necessary and a spiritual help to the Christian being a vital component of a Christian living to God. If you would be blessed in all your enterprises or concernments with the blessings of God, (Joshua 1:8), if you would have your understanding enlightened with the knowledge of God, your affections inflamed with the love of God, your heart established with the promises of God, and works regulated by the command of God, pray and consider, pray and meditate.

This is not a scan or facsimile, has been updated in modern English for easy reading and has an active table of contents for electronic versions.

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