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Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015
Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015
Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015
Ebook1,228 pages15 hours

Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars



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About this ebook

Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015 exists to teach you how to write complete software applications using Visual C#. You’ll learn all about the C# language and .NET Framework features, the bits and pieces of syntax and logic that go into code development. But the goal is a usable software solution, and you’ll find just that in each chapter, and in the accompanying Visual Studio software projects. As the text guides you through initial design to final deployment, you’ll discover the tools and skills needed to create a working software product.

Each chapter teaches you essential C# concepts, and shows you how to apply them by crafting a full business-level database-centric application. With this comprehensive book, you will:

•      Understand how to design and implement .NET applications

•      Learn the core features of the C# language

•      Access and modify database content using ADO.NET

•      Perform advanced development activities, including cryptography and localization

•      Master cool C# features, such as Generics, Extension Methods, and LINQ

•      Get a head start on programming via the downloadable source code

Whether you’re new to programming, or want to add C# to your existing skillset, Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015 will guide you step-by-step through the learning process.

PublisherOwani Press
Release dateSep 1, 2016
Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015
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Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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  • Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
    Thanks, Tim
    Amazing refreshing course about programming, etics and Life.

Book preview

Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015 - Tim Patrick


Welcome to Start-to-Finish Visual C# 2015! I know you’re going to enjoy it; I’ve read it five times already. You’re probably anxious to get to Chapter 1, but I recommend you read this preface to make sure you paid for the right book.

Who Is Reading This Book?

Writing a book is a lot like writing a C# application. Well, except for the part about finding a publisher, and working with an editor. And then there’s that pesky rule about correct spelling. Come to think of it, they’re really quite different. But in one way, books and programs are similar: both are written to meet the needs of the user. When writing software applications, the user’s needs drive the organization and features of the final program. When writing a book, like the one you’re looking at now, the needs of the user—that’s you, the reader—drive the organization and features of the final text.

So it was with you in mind that I set out to write this book. Oh, there’s the fame and the prestige, but it’s really about you. You, the person who seeks to understand Visual C# and the .NET Framework on which it is built. When I thought about you and your needs, I came up with these ideas.

You might know how to program, but maybe not

In the programming world, there are four types of people: (1) those who already program joyfully; (2) those who don’t program, but will learn it and love it; (3) those who don’t program, but will learn it and struggle with it; and (4) those who should return this book immediately to the bookstore. If you are in one of the first three groups, this book is definitely for you. I believe that anyone who can break down a task into its basic step-by-step instructions can successfully program in C#. If you are unsure about your ability to quantify tasks in this way, you might want to start out with a book on basic programming concepts.

You might know how to program in C# or .NET, but maybe not

And that’s OK, because this book will teach you. Most of the chapters introduce important topics in C# and .NET development, such as object-oriented programming concepts, or using the different data types available to you, or interacting with a database.

You want to write programs

Most programming books teach you to write code in ten-line increments. At least that’s what’s scattered throughout their pages. I’ve put some of those code snippets in this book. But I spend my days writing real programs, not ten-line sample programs. If you want to write whole programs, you should learn using whole programs. That’s why I also put a program in my book—a whole program. Over the next several hundred pages, I will develop a real program—a database for a small library—and you will write