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Bryon: Billionaire Boys Club, #6

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His hand extended, palm upturned, he wiggled his fingers, and she settled hers in it, rising at his tug. He didn’t bother to close the car door, but walked her into the light of his headlamps and drew her into his arms. Swaying, he sang a tune from his younger years, but what had been done on a stage in a cloud of cigarette smoke in front of people who didn’t care about the words held a new meaning spoken to her.

She gazed at him briefly, then dropped her cheek to his chest, and something happened in his heart that he couldn’t stop. She burnt a place there, a hollow shaped exactly like her, and he determined to somehow make it stay.


Though she grew up with her hippy mom on the west coast, Pepper Dupree has always been close to her billionaire dad, which made moving home to nurse him through a horrible illness an easy choice. But from the start, something isn’t normal. He’s uneasy, unsettled.

A late night drive to scope out a possible multimillion-dollar sale lands real-estate mogul, Bryon Spelding, at Pepper’s door, and instantly, there are sparks. Yet, she’s the first woman to interest him since he straightened up his life, and he’s not sure how to behave. Especially given the secret he’s kept from everyone.

A secret that takes on new weight when Pepper’s dad gives her his entire estate. It’s money she would have inherited anyway, so why now? The truth will rock the Billionaire Boys Club and force Bryon’s hidden life to the forefront where the woman he’s fallen for might not like what she sees.

Book 6 of 7 in the BILLIONAIRE BOYS CLUB by best-selling author, SUZANNE D. WILLIAMS.

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