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18 Affordable Southwestern Retirement Towns: 4, #1

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The Southwestern United States continues to attract retirees seeking a great place to retire.  It is easy to understand why.  Abundant sunshine, striking natural landscapes and a relaxed lifestyle are hallmarks of this part of the country.    

Unfortunately, many towns in the Southwest are expensive.  Places such as Flagstaff, Arizona and Georgetown, Texas are often hailed as great places to retire, but they have living costs that are above the national average.  

Here, though, we have eighteen Southwestern towns that are worth considering for retirement.   Each has living costs equal to or below the national average.  Some of these towns are fairly well known, while others are still off the national radar.   

All of these places have safe neighborhoods, recreational and/or cultural amenities, a local or nearby public library, local or nearby accredited medical facilities and some sort of water conservation plan.  Each also has a welcoming quality that makes it a desirable place to live.    No one place is perfect, however, so we take a look at each town's drawbacks as well.

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