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Dangerous Undercurrents: A Valerie Urniak Mystery, #6

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Does a life insurance policy mean a death sentence?

That's what Valerie Urniak Harris thinks when she discovers her best friend has taken out a hefty insurance policy on herself with her newly found birth mother as its beneficiary. Valerie is sure that the birth mother is not the person she seems to be, and had thought she was protecting her friend by not telling her of the less-than-savory things she's found out about the woman. Has Valerie instead put her friend in mortal danger?

Valerie is willing to do anything or go anywhere to safeguard her friend's life. The Dangerous Undercurrents she faces are real...and deadly.

Dangerous Undercurrents is Book 6 in the Valerie Urniak Mystery series. The  books in this series are:

Permanent Damage, Book 1

Contrive to Kill, Book 2

Variants of Deja Vu, Book 3

A Ring of Truth, Book 4

Too Soon, Book 5

Dangerous Undercurrents, Book 6

Zugzwang, Book 7

Alternate Lives, Book 8

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