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Through Veils and Webs

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Have you experienced love at first sight? Did any relationship leave you puzzled, regardless of how much you tried to analyze and explain it? This book sheds light on the enigma of soul mates: How we keep encountering them in various lives and dimensions to continue the dance and work out our karma together.

A highly personal and authentic account, “Through Veils and Webs” touches on the most important aspects of life and love in a journey through ages, countries, continents and even planets. It lifts the veils on what is buried in our subconscious and connects the dots in the web of our multi-dimensional existence.

As the author elaborates on the insights she gathered from her own adventures and past life regressions, she illuminates the inherent spiritual lessons that are relevant for all of us. Follow Irma Bättig through the multiple dimensions of her “a-maze-ing” journey! The trivial that holds most of us captive will lose its grip on you as you come out of this exploration with an expanded vision of reality and a deeper understanding of the mysteries of life and death, love and karma

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