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Beyond the Burning Sea

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"Beyond the Burning Sea" by T.B. Schmid and R.Wade Hodges:

It has been over two hundred and fifty years since the sky fell and the Young Gods died.

On the mainland of Niyah, the city states of Gundlaan strive to form a united nation. On the fringe of their western frontier, there are whispers of a sinister force gathering. The Laegis Templars, the mortal remains of the Young Gods' army, are dispatched to deal with the problem. But in the vast and untamed Deckoran Wilds, Death itself is never far away...

Meanwhile, the SKS Peregrine, pride of the Sea Kings fleet, has done the impossible: she has traveled beyond the Burning Sea, long thought to be the southern edge of the world of Ruine. Now, all that remains of her crew struggle to find their way back, led by a young man bearing a book filled with dark secrets, who must decide whether to reveal the terrifying truth that pursues them...

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