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Learning CurveX2

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NA deserves a rest. She recently fought and won a very hard battle with a mage bent on revenge and a second battle with her inner self. Now all she wants to do is to help people, work at the Rusty Bean, make some extra money playing her congas. However she finds Boulder is crawling with new Mythos, some of whom are hungry, it’s raining hard and there is less of the energy she needs to do her Tricks. To make things worse her ability is over firing, and/or not working, and for an unknown reason she can’t seem to fill her inner tank with what energy there is.

This time she mets a fairy and fights a unicorn. Along with two the new mysteries she has to solve, she needs help with her friend and how to learn to be a good friend. On top of that the special Geas is back and someone she met during the last adventure gives her a puppy that grows and grows...

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