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Bridie's Bridge

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Matthew Crawford is lost and wind-blown, a dead leaf dropped into a remote corner of an unfamiliar world. Then he meets Bridie, as grounded and as planted in the landscape as the ancient granite ley-line bridge she watches over. As she absorbs him into her world, the more he realises that here he isn't lost anymore. Bridie has found him

The more he is absorbed into her world, the more he is sure that he is here because this is where he is meant to be. He realises that he was brought here, not blown randomly by the wind but pulled by a power he doesn’t understand - one that will keep pulling him back no matter how far he might go. Here he has found a home. Here he is no longer lost. Bridie has found him. As their friendship grows into love, the more the extraordinary influence of the bridge, and of the powerful ley-line that flows over it, becomes apparent.

With the ancient, mystical, bridge now as much the centre of his world as it has been for Bridie’s ancestors over countless generations, is it just coincidence that the critical moments of their lives revolve around the important solstices and equinoxes, just those moments when then the energy of the ley-line is at its greatest? Or could it really be true, as Bridie claims, that the same force that gathers up and carries the lost souls of the dead along the ley-line to their final destination can also have such a powerful and dramatic influence on the destinies of those living near it?

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