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The Wiles of Kate

276 pages4 hours


Kate Hallet has found herself. She’s sassy, full of life and oozing erotic desire. She’s also the newest member of a sisterhood predicated on worshiping the wonders of feminine mysticism.

When she gives her estranged husband Tom a chance to join her new life, she finds he too has changed in the short time they were apart, becoming a co-conspirator in a deadly and dangerous experiment, using her as a subject without her knowledge.

With the help of her best friend and truly unselfish lover Lan, Kate finds her way through the often confusing calls of erotic passion. Kate’s wiles and wonders lead her into the arms of a man who will fulfill her every desire, no matter how tall that order may be.

But her husband has fallen into such darkness that even his love for Kate can’t save him. Even worse, he attempts to take her with him. Her new life promises blissful contentment. But she’ll need to stay alive to enjoy it.

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