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Where There's Smoke

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Bella Struthers, recent widow, is determined to find out what really happened to her Navy SEAL husband. His mysterious death has her heart in a vise. Answers are her only ticket to freedom.

Vincent Belluci moved to Peaches, Colorado a year ago, meeting Bella on his first day. He's wanted there ever since. Her witty, quick tongue and fearless nature strokes his libido like no other. But... she was married and off limits.

Now that she's not, how long is he supposed to wait?

Joining forces with Bella, Vince hopes to help her gain closure. However, getting answers from Navy SEALs is turning out to be a deadly game. Bodies are piling up. It'll take all his old mobster life know-how to get them both out alive.

Even if they do miraculously survive, will Bella and Vince have a chance at a happily ever after of their own?

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