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Lessons in Taxidermy - A Comprehensive Treatise on Collecting and Preserving all Subjects of Natural History - Book II.

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This fascinating book is the second part of a series of books which provides a detailed and easy to follow guide to collecting and preserving a wide range of animals. This part concentrates on birds, and includes the chapters: 'How to Mount Birds-General Observations'; 'Tools and Materials'; 'Making the Artificial Body'; 'The Wires Required'; 'Constructing the Body'; 'Making the Neck'; 'Introducing the Leg Wires'; 'Placing the Artificial Body in the Skin'; 'Sewing Up the Incision'; et cetera. The perfect handbook for taxidermists interested in the collection and preservation of birds, this book is a must-have addition to any taxidermic collection. This text has been elected for modern republication due to its educational value, and is proudly republished here complete with a new introduction to the subject.

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