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Magicdotes - A Book Of Anecdotes And Stories About Magic, Magicians, And Mentalists

81 pages1 hour


This text contains a collection of magical anecdotes to be used by a magician for a number of reasons, ranging from comedic purposes to fabricating their personal history. Section one contains original gags and anecdotes about magicians, which can be used either as straight comedy material in your act of as general gems of interest. Section two contains some of the best anecdotes to have been published in the years leading up to the publication of this book. Contained in section three are a number of the best anecdotes sent to the author in response to a nation-wide appeal. Section four contains straight comedy routines that can be used as such, or from which individual gags can be extracted for use in your magic routines. This is a text that will be of considerable use to the working magician, as well as providing interesting and entreating reading for those merely interested in magic. We are proud to republish this antique book here complete with a new introduction on magic tricks.

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