Virtually Ideal Episode 4: Why Me, God?

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Virtually Ideal Episode 4: Why Me, God?

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“In contrast to my little sister’s belief I’m in a relationship with a man whom I’ve only just met and have refused to date, I’m in fact going out tomorrow night with a stranger from the internet whom I haven’t met yet but have agreed to date at least once. Then, I’m going out with my brother who’s just announced he’s leaving the country in three days’ time, but at least no one thinks that’s a date. While I do hate lying to my sister, in my defence Yanie hasn’t told me why she’s getting married in less than six weeks, so I think we’re even.”

Only a week and a half after her little sister announced she was getting married, Laurie has travelled a long way, she’s just not sure in which direction. Work continues to be ‘interesting’, and internet dating continues to turn up options, just not attractive options. The mystery of her little sister’s wedding is only darkening, and now Hadley’s abandoning her to move overseas. But it’s fine, God has it all under control, and her Master Plan is there to pick up any slack.

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