KeLLy's Revenge: The Art of Cheating Episodes, #4

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KeLLy's Revenge: The Art of Cheating Episodes, #4

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Where did all of this shit start? I guess it depends on who you ask. One could argue that it all started with my cheating on her, and if that’s the case - tonight has been a long time coming. I’ve had feelings for KeLLy for a while now…but I’ve never been faithful. When it comes to The Art of Cheating - if you’re gonna do ya dirt, the least you can do is everything in your power to cover it up. So why is KeLLy being sloppy? How could she ask me to keep it clean…and I find out this shit I’m hearing?

You never think about the consequence of the shoe being on the other foot until it happens. 

Get yourself together Rod….KeLLy is cheating on you.

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