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The Bush administration left this country in a state of economic recession and a grim tour of American History.The American people are struggling to survive by reinventing ourselves through a sweepinghistorical event.Barack Obama is trying to restore America by promising “change” to make America regain itsdignity by bailing out huge corporations and financial institutions with his stimulus plans.“Dear Mr. President” a letter written in form of a book addressing president Obama of his uncertainty leadership and what he is trying to achieve for the American people.This book is based solely on my beliefs, opinions, and how Americans have fallen along the wayside. We need to take back America because we have the power.Obama needs to restore our faith and trust in the government again and that is no easy task because politicians have to be willing to say things that have true meaning.This is a much bigger plan that you bargained for and I hope America will be strong again. To do this, we must be a community willing to look out for each other, helping those that are down, and giving a pathway to success.
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