The Lines of Union

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The Lines of Union

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From debut-author and filmmaker K.C. Bryce Fitzgerald, The Lines of Union is a powerfully written and starkly honest novel that captures America's cultural zeitgeist with a bold, fresh vision that is at once grand, intimate, and heartbreaking.

The United States is on the brink of war.

It's August, 2023, and political unrest is sweeping the nation. Banking giant Citi-Chase-Capitol-Morgan has bought out the government, the internet is censored, and hardcore conservatives have joined the New Secession Coalition. It is a dark time for America.

However, somewhere in the Mojave Desert, once voice has dared to stand up to corruption. His name is John Herald, and his wildly popular internet talk show "The Herald" has become a rallying cry for progressive reformists nationwide. Together with a motley crew of hacktivists, volunteers, and a crazy one-legged Iraq veteran named Harry "The Lieutenant" Harper, John leads a growing movement to fix the broken government.

But John's whole world changes the day he meets Christina Freidman, a beautiful enigma who unwittingly reunites him with his formed best friend turned nemesis Alexander Avalon: the handsome heir to Citi-Chase-Capitol-Morgan. Alex has returned to proclaim loyalty to John and his movement...but there's just one problem. Alex is in love with Christina. And so is John.

Torn between a man he doesn't trust, the woman he loves, and the revolutionaries he inspired, John is forced to choose between friend, lover, and country. The price? One wrong choice could plunge America into its second Civil War.

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