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Growing Corn - With Information on Selection, Sowing, Growing and Pest Control of Corn Crops

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This antiquarian text contains a detailed guide to growing corn, with information on selection, sowing, growing, pest control of corn crops, and much more besides. Containing much in the way of interesting and practicable information, as well as offering the reader a wealth of helpful tips and simple instructions conducive to corn-growing, this text constitutes an invaluable tool for the farmer. It will also be of interest to those looking for general information on corn, and makes for a worthy addition to any collection of such literature. The chapters of this book include: 'Selecting and Testing Seed Corn', 'How To Obtain a Good Stand of Corn', 'For Sowing Corn in Drills or Furrows', 'On Indian Corn', 'Indian Corn', 'Management', 'Summary', 'On The Growth of Corn', 'Composition', 'Quality and Preservation', 'Product and Vegetation', 'Ripeness', etcetera. We are proud to republish this vintage text, now complete with a new introduction on farming.

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